Email Marketing – A Detailed Description About Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a permission-based email marketing solution provider that guarantees response on each campaign. Our GRI (Guaranteed Response Initiative) allows us to guarantee a minimum for each campaign we manage. This is possible because of the extensive ad network created and comprised of over 45 million opt-in email recipients and our use of multiple broadcast waves.

We provide 100% optin email for general delivery.

We do not send Bulk Email or sell bulk email software of any kind. No other form of advertising is as inexpensive. These email are time and date stamped to ensure your complete satisfaction. Opt-in Email marketing plans each permission-based email campaign with increased inventory if needed to complete an advertiser’s response. After the initial broadcast to the purchased number of recipients, the Email Marketing system monitors a campaign . If more response is needed, the system calls for an additional waves of messages to be broadcasted. . This method of planning enables Opt-in Email marketing to guarantee the highest response. Recognized advertising agencies and email marketing brokers are entitled to a 15% discount on all direct e-mail marketing and co-registration campaigns.


Email Marketing was developed to level the playing ground for advertisers when purchasing opt-in email marketing solutions. To achieve this task, Email Marketing was required to furnish users with the proper tools in supporting them to succeed and offer guarantees ensuring successful campaign management. The systems functionality is automated permitting all communication to be streamlined by e-mail for greater experience and proficiency. Email Marketing is a results oriented marketplace that focuses on performance email marketing. Through partnerships with qualified providers of permission-based email, Opt-in email Online is the largest opt-in e-mail marketplace of its kind, allowing advertisers access to more than 45 million opt-in email recipients.


Guaranteed Response Initiative – Email Marketing As the largest permission-based email marketing ad network, Email Marketing leverages partnerships with multiple providers of responsive lists to guarantee our advertisers results. Each campaign we represent is matched to our partnered access of over 45 million opt-in email recipients qualifying targeted and interested audiences. This enables Email Marketing to guarantee a minimum 10% Open response on each campaign while maintaining the lowest CPM rates in the industry for direct e-mail.( We must approve the creative before any response can be met or kept) The GRI was created with the understanding that as permission-based Email Marketers it is our responsibility to increase visibility to advertisers using our service. Opt-in email Online is the most cost-effective vehicle to interact with consumers and increase a company’s market share. By leveraging Email Marketing Online’s technology and massive ad network, we gage inventory for planning to ensure results.

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